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As good horse owners, we must be pro-active in educating ourselves on being just that---good horse owners. The equine discipline presents horse owners with the challenge of knowing things from proper nutrition, correct hoof balance, all the way to how to load your horse in a trailer...the list goes on...In my 40 years of Veterinary Medicine, I was aware that the old hand rasp and bucket routine of dental care just was not getting the job done....with better drugs and equipment, I was able to not only do a great job of dental care, but able to discover the many aspects of correct equine dental work...and this is MORE THAN JUST A FLOAT JOB! It is the good horse owners job to KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

We spend time in our practice explaining and showing why we do what we do! It has been very rewarding!

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Roger and Suzan Cole

Specializing In Balancing and Calibrating the Equine Mouth

  • Complete Oral Exam
  • Tranquilization
  • Basic Dental Equilibration (Arcade Floating , Balancing)
  • Wolf Tooth and Cap Extraction
  • Bit Seats
  • Hook, Ramp, and Wave Mouth Correction
  • Incisor Reduction (Bite Alignment)
  • Dental Health, Nutrition, and Bit Usage Recommendations


Roger Cole DVM
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